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GlacierCascade's Ban notice

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GlacierCascade's Ban notice

Post by hobobuilder136 on Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:58 pm

Player ban: GlacierCascade

Ban by: hobobuilder136

Ban time: 1 week

Reason for ban: Placing blocks, water, and greifing spawn.

In-Game Moderator
In-Game Moderator

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Re: GlacierCascade's Ban notice

Post by NotSam on Tue Nov 05, 2013 1:53 pm

A few things that I need to add here, Hobo.

1. For no reason should a moderator be banned be another moderator with the same permissions without approaching them first and expressing concerns, except in an absolute emergency (i.e. a mod is banning everyone randomly, or using powers to grief majorly).

2. A week ban for a few blocks here and there and some water is a little harsh. That wold honestly go without a ban at all, but only a confrontation and a kind questioning and injunction. I would probably ban someone 2 days maximum for something as minor as that.

Just consider this a warning. You aren't in huge trouble or anything, and it's some unwritten courtesy that you probably weren't aware of. But from this point forward, you will be held accountable if something similar to this happens.

Take it up with a senior staff member if you have questions about anything.


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