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well im about to quit this server ward do somthing about this!!!!!!!

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well im about to quit this server ward do somthing about this!!!!!!!

Post by toxic weirdo on Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:52 pm

Minecraft username: ToXiC_WeiRdO

Who banned you: GlacierCascade

How long is your ban:2 days

Why should you be unbanned?:
well ward if ur reading this this is for u: I asked glacier to un bane Ghost_04 because ward he was banned for the same thing I did and u unbaned me so its only fair that he and some dude named brolin to be unbaned for using caps so anyways well about every 3 mins i sent glacier a /msg can u unban Ghost_04 because ward would be cause its only fair ,well something like that and he muted me for spamming and that's not spaming because each msg was written differ so I was muted for idk im guessing 10 mins or 20 still not sure though so anyways after that I told him that's not spaming and hhe said that he loves how others like to argue with staff so I said in the chat because some1 was getting threatened to be muted so I stuck up for him and said some sort of this u need to learn wat spaming meens,and I dare u to mute me because there was 2 others who stuck up for me yesterday and r still not unbaned ,and I dare u to mute me or ban me I don't mind quiting the server because staff members like to think they know wat spaming is which makes me PISSED so ward fix this u nedd new staff members or something or u know wat atleast train them to know wat spaming is and u know wat ward he didn't say ToXIC can u plz stop its getting annoying no he didn't he just muted me with no warning and ward im glad other servers atleast give warnings and like I said ward its not spaming within that time span and they were each writtin differ

thx ward for unbanning me I just hoped u would for my friends because there PISSED that u only unbaned me wen they did the same thing and r banned for like hmm 4 days now it was 5 days and all they did was caps and ohhh ya:

some1 idk who used caps on purpose and didn't get banned caps is considered a type of spam so I hope they get banned to if im banned and if glacier if u took screen shots it should be in there wat that dude said

thx ward if u read this and thx for unbanning me yesterday I really like this server just not the staffs here no othere server has this problem well the ones ive ben on so plz fix this its getting annoying and plz unban Ghost_04 and some other dude brolin or something because they did the same thing I did used caps but whatever

plz unban me have a great day guys and girls and I hope that ward u understand this kk

toxic weirdo

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Re: well im about to quit this server ward do somthing about this!!!!!!!

Post by jfili on Sun Jan 05, 2014 10:44 pm

Im sorry for posting on this but asking a staff the same question multiple times without a reply means 1 of 2 things, either they are busy dealing with something else and cant reply, or 2 they are afk. It is not glaciers decision to unban players, that is the admins job. Also asking for other players to be unbanned is not allowed. It is stated in multiple places that by doing this the players will not be unbanned and you will be muted. By continuing to do this you are continuing to break rules that have been established for this type of action. Lastly, dude, work on your grammer. The posts youve been doing recently are barely able to be read, and because of this for me at least its hard to make a good judgement on them with constant plz, thx, lol, lol, and ideas going haywire. Also telling a staff what is fair or not fair is undermining their authority. Please do not continue this behavior.


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