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Post by jfili on Mon Sep 30, 2013 6:23 pm

Minecraft username: Jfili4
Skype name: i believe its jfili4, i dont use it much
Steam username: N/A
Time zone: Central
Where you live: Texas
Age: 16
How many hours can you play a day: 2-5 on weekdays and varies on weekends
(We're not asking any huge commitments)
Why you think you can be a moderator: I have been a loyal member of this server for as long as i can remember. I am very good with people, and have helped countless people on the server. I understand the rules, regulations, and expectations of the server. I have applied before and been told that i should be by Madison. I help everyone on the server, and am very very firendly. If you ask Assassian95 or pepen444 they will tell you that i am a very trustworthy person who enjoys to help people. I know some of the commands that mods use already and i want to help this server reach its potential
Why you can help LegendHelm:. I am on the server quite often, and see that there are very many people who need help and the mods have not been as active since school has been going. I have not donated to the server as I have had to pay for gas and have not had any spare money, but when i get some i will donate, as this server is amazing. I have not been to many servers because as soon as I played on this one, there was never going to be another. I believe that i deserve this rank and fell as though i have paid my time to earn it. Ask a few of the members on the server what they think of me and all will say i am very kind and helping.


Someone claims they can hack the server: Ban from server, as we do not allow hacking. If continues to join, ban his/her IP so their internet cannot connect to our server
Someone is spamming the server: Ask to stop, and if continues, 5 min mute, if still continues, temp ban.
Someone new has came on and made a small grief: A warning the first time, and of course fix the greif. After the first time it is a 2 day ben, 3rd offence is much more severe and will be consulted on size of ban and greif
Someone has made a huge grief: temp ban, if done again ban form erver as greifing is not tolerated.

I am a good builder who has built many structures on the server, i understand minecraft, and just want to help the server.

In-Game Moderator
In-Game Moderator

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