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Jfili4 mod app.

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Jfili4 mod app.

Post by jfili on Mon Sep 16, 2013 6:21 pm

Minecraft username:jfili4
Skype name: dont remeber, dont use it much as my internet is bad
Steam username: N/A
Time zone: central.
Where you live: TEXAS BABY
Age: 16
How many hours can you play a day: 2-3 on weekdays, and 4-8 on weekends
(We're not asking any huge commitments)
Why you think you can be a moderator: I have been a part of this server since it was first launched, and have helped people the entire time except for a few. I have greifed yes, and i have server my time, I have not done so in quite a long time. I am on a ton so if people are being greifed, spammed, or need help i can help them. I know the ins and outs of the server, the expectations, and how Ward likes his server to run.
Why you can help LegendHelm: I can be on after school most days as I have many off peroids to do HW. I can help anyonewith their problems as i am an active member on the server and care to think that i am one of the most active. I believe that due to some recent problems, where i have been the only one on the server when people have been needing help, it would benefit others if i become a Moderator.


Someone claims they can hack the server: Ban from server.
Someone is spamming the server:5 min mute, if continues 2 day temp ban.
Someone new has came on and made a small grief: Warning the first time it happens and then a 2 day temporary ban from server, and post on the forum topic
Someone has made a huge grief: 5 day ban, if done again, 30 day ban.

I am a very active member on the server and am on most times without a mod on to help those needing it. I believe that the server is growing greatly and it needs a few more Mods to control the growth, and not let it come to constant greifing.

In-Game Moderator
In-Game Moderator

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Re: Jfili4 mod app.

Post by madison_madison on Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:39 pm

jfili4, I personally think you would be great for moderator. Greifing on LegendHelm might set you back a little, but if Ward & other staff believe you completely changed your ways, you might have a chance. I have never seen anything you greifed personally, so I cant judge you much on that, but otherwise, great.

I think you should be Mod: Yes
I Don't think you should be Mod: No

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