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Dont know where to post this so im doing it here

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Dont know where to post this so im doing it here

Post by jfili on Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:44 pm

Hey there. this message is ment for ward but anyone can see it. Ok i have a few things that i would like to put input on when the server is put up again, and a question. First with the input, The shop is great, but would be even better if it could be expanded to cover a few more items such as ores, black wool, or even spawners. I would be willing to help you make anything you need when the server starts back up, ive done everything i can except for building an emerald house, but that is in the works. Next, the market is broke. absoutely no signs work, so can we either wipe it clean, and make it to where it does work, or change the signs there so it does. I personally would love to make a shop where i could sell and buy things that would help players. Lastly on the input part, TNT run is an amazing mode and is there any way we can put that into the server? i know the whole switching between the creative and survival would be a problem but it would be amazing if it could be pulled off, Again, i would love to help build whatever you need, i have the time and would enjoy it. Ok now for my question. When you saved the server did our inventorys save too, becaue like i have some emerald blocks that i reallly wanted to keep so i could make a house out of them. If not is there a way i could get them back because i spent about 6 hours getting them. Ok sorry for the long thing but hey why not right?

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